Daffodil Show Schedule

1. Entries will be accepted from 10:00 to 11:30pm
2. The show is open to all exhibitors. Entries must be from the exhibitor’s own garden.
3. There is no limit to the number of entries per class by any exhibitor as long as each entry is a different variety.
4. All entries must be staged in the test tube and block provided; entry tags must be filled out and attached with rubber band.
5. All entries should be wedged with boxwood provided by the show committee or the exhibitor.

Division I Specimen Classes

Section A Single Specimen
Class 1 Miniature- any color
Class 2 One bloom per stem-yellow
Class 3 One bloom per stem- white
Class 4 One bloom per stem- mixed
Class 5 Double flower
Class 6 Multiple blooms per stem
Class 7 Bell Buckle Home Town
(open only to Bell Buckle Residents)

Section B Youth Single Specimen
(Must have had some part in growing, planting, watering, fertilizing or cutting)
Class 8a Youth ages up to 10 years
Class 8b Youth ages 11 to 18

Section C Collections
Class 9 Three of more in a container
Class 10 Youth Collections three or more in a container

Division II Arrangements

(Daffodils prominent in arrangements)
Class 11 Miniature/Small-up to 10"
Class 12 Medium 10"-18"
Class 13 Large Not to exceed 24"
Class 14 Youth- any size
Class 15 Senior- any size