What: 23rd Annual RC-MoonPie Festival ™
When: June 17, 2017 Saturday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm
Where: Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Who: Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

Celebrate 100 years of the magical MoonPie with us! Yessirree, the Chattanooga Bakery will celebrate its 100th birthday of its Southern icon this year, and they want you to make a BIG DEAL out of it at this year’s Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival to be held on Saturday, June 17th! It’s going to be a phenomenal time for everyone! Known as the first “fast food” meal, these two Southern traditions, RC and a MoonPie, are brought together for a grand celebration Bell Buckle style. The idea for the Festival first began as a way to celebrate the MoonPie and to bring tourists to Bell Buckle. Bell Buckle called the Chattanooga Bakery to see about throwing a party for MoonPie. Little could anyone have expected what a huge event this would become! And now we’re ready for the birthday party of the CENTURY!

This year’s festival is going to just go bonkers with all the excitement. The day will get started as the sun rises above the historic century and a half old town with a time chipped run of 10 miles through the scenic countryside. This certified course, though challenging, is every bit as fun as runners continue to return year after year for another shot at “the Hill”! A full breakfast complete with, you guessed it, RC Colas and MoonPies awaits all the finishers.

And drum roll please - The Bell Buckle Box Office is proud to announce the return of Davis and Dayle, stage performers extraordinaire (! So you thought your knew the words to some of your favorite new and old songs, right? No, no, no, Davis and Dayle will set you straight as those songs were originally all about Bell Buckle (so we were told by Davis and Dayle) so you there will be new versions to learn and love during their performances. Their exciting show will just blow you away with their fast paced, fun filled antics and amazing talent. In addition the amazingly talented Valerie Smith Band will be performing some of their most popular tunes from the Captain Rodney stage.

But wait there’s more! A new King and Queen will be crowned. The Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival is proud to announce this year’s King and Queen, Mark Lowry and Savannah Maddison. Mark Lowry is a singer, storyteller, humorist, author and songwriter, whose lyric to “Mary Did You Know?” resulted in one of the most loved and modern Christmas songs of this century. He started making music at the age of 11 and is known and loved around the world as a trusted voice in the realm of gospel music and beyond. Savannah Maddison started writing music at the age of 9, and currently at the ripe old age of 16 has become a singing and songwriting sensation. She has performed the National Anthem for over 100 sporting events, appeared with the likes of Charlie Daniels, Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton, Kid Rock and Kelly Pickler just to name a few. At age 10, Savannah founded the military appreciation organization “Savannah’s Soldiers” which partners with children and adults across our country to collect letters of encouragement for our deployed troops stationed all around the world.

The parade will tickle the fancy of all festival goers with the antics of Shriners, antique cars, flying MoonPies, “secret service” RC’s and too many others to list. One of the highlights of the day are the games all intertwining those RC’s and MoonPies on innocent festival goers. Try your skills at hulahooping while eating a MoonPie and drinking an RC Cola or maybe see how far you can throw a MoonPie or maybe balance an RC on your head while walking and eating a MoonPie. Think you’ve got talent? Well these games will prove your worth! Win a blue ribbon and be selected as a Bell Buckle Knight of the Round earning you the honor of cutting and serving the World’s Largest MoonPie.

Wait, did you hear that? The World’s Largest MoonPie? Well that’s going to be a really big birthday pie this year!

The South’s original fast food is an iconic culinary treat that is visually stimulating and gastrically pleasing. Many have tried to replicate it but none have ever succeeded to come up with anything that pairs better than an ice cold RC Cola and a MoonPie of your favorite flavor. And nobody knows how to celebrate these two like Bell Buckle does in its quirky, fun fashion. No wonder Bell Buckle has had governors, country music stars, authors, songwriters, athletes, dignitaries, world champions, and many others serve as King and Queen to this extraordinary event.

With over 75 arts and crafts booths, all day stage entertainment including foot stomping, toe tapping, can’t stand still music, games that will delight every age, and so much more, it’s easy to see why this perennial favorite has earned multiple nods from Southern Living magazine, Food Network magazine, USA Today, plus so many more national publications. This is a family friendly, safe and fun day that offers something to smile, laugh, and tell stories about for years to come.

The Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival is a special day for all who attends continue to cherish as we pay homage to our past while enjoying our present and give our future wonderful memories.

A day of fun for young and old celebrating THREE southern traditions: RC Colas, Moon Pies and Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee- close to home but a world away.

2017 Bell Buckle RC Cola – MoonPie Schedule of Events

7:00 a.m. Annual Bell Buckle Chamber RC-MoonPie 10 Mile Run
9:00 a.m. Craft Fair/Food Court (Open All Day)
9:15 a.m. Midstate Cloggers
10:00 a.m. Bell Buckle Chamber RC-MoonPie 10 Mile Run Awards
10:45 a.m. Midstate Cloggers
11:30 a.m. RC-MoonPie Parade

12:00 p.m. RC-MoonPie King and Queen Coronation
12:15 p.m. Davis and Dayle Show
1:00 p.m. Prizes for farthest travelled, youngest attendee present & oldest attendee present
1:15 -2:45 p.m. Valerie Smith Band
2:45 p.m. RC-MoonPie Games
3:45 p.m. Knights of the MoonPie Round
4:00 p.m. MoonPie’s 100th Birthday Party an the cutting of the WORLD’S LARGEST MOONPIE