Local sweetheart, Misti Appleby, currently holds the titles of Ms. Bell Buckle Plus America, Miss Heart of America Supreme, Mrs. Bedford County Plus America and Mrs. Tennessee Plus America! Misti won the Tennessee title in Memphis this year and will be going to nationals in Dallas, Texas June 29 after having just served as Queen of the Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival.

The Plus America Pageant is an amazing sisterhood that has been recognizing the full figured woman since 2003. This group is showing the world that being plus sized doesn’t mean one is not healthy. The pageants also put a large emphasis on community service and endeavors that plunges the ladies into their communities.

Misti’s strong sense of community service is reflected through the many entities she serves and the lives she touches. JustUs is up and running and offers children of all ages that have been bullied a place to go and feel safe. She uses their God given talents to help others in their community. By embracing the darkness the children have felt, they are able to step into the light and mercy of God by helping others.

She also volunteers at the local animal shelter giving all then animals plenty of love while they wait on their forever homes. Volunteering at the local nursing homes and hosting activities each month is a favorite of Misti’s. She loves talking with each animal and letting them know they are not forgotten.

Gaining self-confidence is something Misti strives to help everyone achieve. The Town of Bell Buckle is honored to have Misti Appleby represent our great state as our representative as Mrs. Plus Size America. She currently lives in Bell Buckle, TN with her husband Wayne, and their 3 fur babies, Jasper, Bailey and Sweet Pea. They have a grown son and care for two individuals with severe mental disabilities.