The Bell Buckle Buzz

Nice things seem to happen in Bell Buckle mostly because we have so many nice people around.  Take MacKenzie McKillip, a senior at Webb School, who has amazing artistic talents and has graciously shared those talents to make Bell Buckle just a little brighter!

MacKenzie is the artist that painted the Bee Mural on the back of the old Bell Buckle Fire Hall located right off the alley.  The back of the building had been neglected for years and was the epitome of an eyesore.  With Bell Buckle bee-ing a Bee City, it just seemed natural to paint a Bee mural on the back of the building.  To say she’s modest is an understatement; she just kind of shrugs at all the compliments as if this is what all high school students do during their free time!

Born in California, MacKenzie and her family now live down the road in Wartrace.  Her father, Pete, is the artist working his magic on the updated posts downtown and the new façade for the old fire hall. They are quite the father-daughter combo when it comes to creative endeavors!  MacKenzie credits her dad with much of the influence she’s received in the world of arts.  In addition to murals, she has been involved with Webb theater, Webb yearbook, and is very involved with the Webb Visual Arts Program. 

During Spring Break of 2019, MacKenzie painted a mural on the Webb campus by incorporating learning with constructing a wall and then brought in the Webb community to work as a team to complete the mural entitled Bag of Faces designed by Anthony Culp.  Over Thanksgiving 2019, she painted the Welcome to Wartrace sign as well as incorporating a walking horse theme with Whoa! Stop signs.  Since the beginning of the current year, she has been working in the history classroom of Mr. Chicken on a map of the world on the classroom wall.  She’s been receiving requests for other projects such as creating a sign inside the Bell Buckle post office, and a future Shelbyville restaurant.  Just a day in the life of a normal teenager, right?! 

When starting a new project, MacKenzie says she likes best to envision the completed project but sometimes she will etch down a design first.  She’s definitely got the artist eye and gift of visualizing her blank canvas to its fulfilling completion.  Though she has definitely been graced with the gift of artistry in many forms, MacKenize looks to study archeology in school. 

Bell Buckle owes a huge, happy thank you to the busy bee who designed and created our beautiful Bee Mural.  Thank you MacKenize! So very, very much!

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