Bell Buckle Daffodil Day PSA

Like so many others, the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce is carefully monitoring the current global health crisis and staying in touch with local and regional officials.  The well-being of our community and our visitors are the number one priority of anything and everything we do. 

After reviewing the CDC recommendations and at this particular time, we feel that it is appropriate and safe for the Daffodil Day event to continue as scheduled. 

This decision is based on the following critieria:

  • The demographics of our town and visitors for this event are mostly local
  • The location of our event is mostly outside (the only inside part of the event is the flower show) and is not shared or partnered with any other event
  • The size of this event is normally very small with visitors attending at varying times throughout the day
  • The majority of the event is from 10-2

Moreover, we want to affirm that we WILL take the following preventative actions to prevent the spread of illness:

  1. Ask anyone who is sick already to not attend the Daffodil Day event, whether that be the common cold, Strep, or another illness.
  2. Have extra handwashing stations available
  3. Ask that those attending refrain from shaking hands
  4. Ask those attending to be vigilant when washing their hands
  5. We will be extra vigilant in demanding higher than standard measures when monitoring the BBQ Cook-Off area

We understand that not everyone will agree with this decision to move forward with this event; however, we want to assure everyone that we are NOT taking this decision lightly and reserve the right to cancel at any time that is considered to be the best for our community, visitors and public welfare.

Please continue to monitor the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce website and social media for updates.

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