RC-MoonPie Virtual Runners

We’re starting to see those RC-MoonPie Virtual Runners finishing their fun runs!  Thanks to everyone that has already run with us.  Once you get your time uploaded and it is approved, we will begin mailing the Finisher Medal and any other items you may have ordered.

A couple of things that we’re getting lots of questions on:1.  When can I run the Virtual Race? – Any time between now and midnight on Saturday, June 20, 2020!  You absolutely are not required to run on June 20th!  So run today, run tomorrow, just make sure to run (or walk or whatever suits you best) before midnight on June 20th!
2.  How can I upload my results? – That’s been a frequent question.  And just so you know, we have informed Active that this process does not seem to be user friendly and they are very aware of this.  Make sure to use the Registration Code not the confirmation code and follow these steps: 

***Search for the race on Active Result and enter your Reg ID
***Choose to upload your information (Name/Time/Pic Upload –screenshot of tracking device or screenshot of treadmill)
***The Race Director will then review and either accept or reject the time submission
***Once this is completed, then results will be posted both to the Active site and to the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce website with a link to the Active site and will be posted daily through June 20, 2020 to the Facebook

RC-MoonPie pageStay Safe and Stay Healthy Everyone!Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Race Team

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