RCMP Virtual Run FAQ

JUNE 2020 FAQ’s
To – All Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie 10Mile and 5K Runners:
Lots of you have reached out with questions relating to the changes in the 2020 races due to COVID-19. We have compiled a FAQ below and hope this helps. However, as ALWAYS, we are here to answer any and all of your questions so if it isn’t answered below please reach out to us at RCColaMoonPIeRace@gmail.com.
***VIRTUAL RACE TRANSFER – If you were registered before April 30, 2020, you were automatically transferred to the Virtual Race. Your confirmation number remains the same. ***WHEN CAN YOU RUN VIRTUAL RACE – You can run the Virtual race any time between now and midnight Saturday, June 20, 2020.***BIB NUMBERS – Bib numbers will be assigned electronically. (Bib number assignments should begin the week of May 18th per Active approval).***UPLOADING RESULTS – Once you have completed the race, you can upload your results by following these instructions on this link https://resultscui.active.com/events/25thAnnualBellBuckleVirtualRCColaMoonPie10mile5KRun
#Enter your Reg ID – Make sure it’s the code starting with an “R”#Choose to upload your information (Name/Time/Pic Upload –screenshot of tracking device or screenshot of treadmill)#The Race Director will then review and either accept or reject the time submission#Once this is completed, then results will be posted both to the Active site and to the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce website with a link to the Active site and will be posted daily through June 20, 2020 to the Facebook RC-MoonPie page***TAG US! – Before and/or after the run be sure to tag us so we can post all the photos!
On Facebook tag us @bellbucklechambertn
On Instagram tag us @bellbucklechamber
***FINISHER’S MEDALS AND COMMEMORATIVE RACE T-SHIRTS OPTIONS – All Finishers once they upload their completion and it is approved, will be mailed a Finisher’s Medal. A package with a commemorative race t-shirt is also available for $10. If you’ve already registered, you can go to your MyEvents on your Active page to access the t-shirt order.
***2021 RACE REGISTRATION NOTIFICATION – IF YOU REGISTERED BEFORE APRIL 30, 2020, you must let us know if you are wanting to run the 2021 race before midnight June 20, 2020 to avoid paying for next year’s registration. All those who preregistered that let us know they want to run the 2021 race will be transferred after June 20, 2020. We will send an email out once those transfers to 2021 have been completed so you can check for your confirmation. Please let us know by emailing us at RCColaMoonPieRace@gmail.com if you have not already let us know and are wanting to run the 2021 race.***NO QUALIFYING RESULTS FOR RUNNING VIRTUAL RUN – Unfortunately, since this is now a Virtual Race and not on the certified course, the times for the Virtual Race cannot be counted for qualifying races. ***VIRTUAL RUN LINK ISSUES – This is the link to follow to register for the virtual run:https://www.active.com/san-diego-ca/running/distance-running-races/25th-annual-bell-buckle-virtual-rc-cola-moonpie-10-mile-and-5k-run-2020?int=19N-PB304-S6-T1-PL7-L1120

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