Webb Cancellation 2020

The Webb School Arts & Crafts Show along with the certified organizers within the show, cancelled all events in Bell Buckle for October 17th & 18th, 2020.
Fraud Alert: Several facebook pages pretending to be authorized or certified event pages have surfaced on social media claiming that there will be a show this weekend. These pages have continued to multiply and attach to other organizers, festivals and vendors. 
Unfortunately, we cannot get Facebook to remove the pages but they have been reported as fraudulent activity on numerous occasions.
This festival has the capability of bringing in over 100,000 people on the 2 day weekend. Our concern is that those who have been making this pilgrimage over the last 4 decades, will travel to Bell Buckle with the assumption of a festival. Though the town will be open for business as usual, there will be no additional craft or food vendors, parking areas of public facilities. An influx of this capacity would find us unprepared without the additional infrastructure necessary to accommodate the crowd. 

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