Daffodil Day–March 20th

Ok so Daffodil Day is cancelled, but we can’t actually cancel the daffodils, can we!  So even though we won’t be having the Daffodil Flower Show and the book signings and the BBQ Cook Off, we’ll still celebrate the happy yellow faces even it is a low key kind of celebration.  On Saturday, March 20th, be sure to visit to enjoy our annual tree seedling give away, M&L Greenhouse spring offerings on the Quilt Square, book signings, and new spring store merchandise!

The daffodils will still line the roads to Bell Buckle and even with all the heaviness that has been thrown at this world over the last year, there is always hope for a better tomorrow some time soon and the return of the daffodils reminds us that there are still things we can look forward to always being there.  In the words of Williams Wordsworth, a “host of golden daffodils” is indeed to be in “jocund company”.

Visit our Daffodil page for more details

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