It’s Back…

It’s baaaaaack! Well, yes, the Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival is back, and yessirree everyone is excited and impatient for it to get here. But that’s not what we are talking about being back this time. After 10 long years, the Chattanooga Bakery is bringing back their LEMON MOONPIES!!!! Yes, the Chattanooga Bakery really has made lemonade out of 2020’s lemons. Talk about walking the walk!
These sweet and sassy little pieces of heaven have been brought back as a featured limited time offer for Spring 2021. They will be available in double decker and mini’s only and will be all over Bell Buckle on Saturday, June 19th for the 26th Annual RC-MoonPie Festival. According to Chattanooga Bakery Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tory Johnson, “Lemon was in our line up 8-10 years ago. We have heard lots of people say it’s their favorite MoonPie flavor ever!”
The grand finale of the RC-MoonPie Festival is the sweetest ending ever to the day with the serving of the World’s Largest MoonPie baked fresh and personally delivered by the Chattanooga Bakery just for Bell Buckle’s RC-MoonPie fans! And of course, the flavor of the World’s Largest MoonPie is kept a closely guarded secret. So you will just have to wait to see what that it is this year……. Yeah, bet no one will ever guess!
A day of fun for young and old celebrating THREE southern traditions: RC Colas, MoonPies ANDHistoric Bell Buckle, Tennessee- Close To Home But A World Away.www.bellbucklechamber.com

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