Bell Buckle Car Cache FAQ

What is a Car Cache?

                For our purposes, the word “cache” is referring to something left or stored to be found later.  We (the event organizers) use this term most closely with a sport called geocaching.  Our Car Cache is patterned after and locations are based on geocache locations.  We are happy to share more information on geocaching with you if you are interested.  Click here for more information on geocaching.

How does a Car Cache work?

            You are given a list of locations within an hour of Bell Buckle.  Each location will have a question to answer when you get on-site, and point value assigned.  You will have from 10am until 3pm to visit as many locations as you want and acquire as many points as you can, all while making sure your point sheet is turned in BY 3pm.   This event is designed to meet all COVID restrictions and all questions can be answered from the comfort of your car. There is no need to go into any business or interact with anyone at any location unless you choose to.  

What do I need to participate?

            A valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, a road worthy vehicle and a phone or GPS to enter or access the location coordinates. If you are under 18, you will need a permission waiver signed by a legal guardian.

Time involved?

                Participants need to be in Bell Buckle and checked in prior to 10am.  How much time you want to spend visiting locations and acquiring points is up to you but the most points wins, so the long you spend the better your chances.  Don’t forget, you have to have your point sheet back in Bell Buckle BY 3pm, NO LATER.

Is there an age limit to participate?

            No, there is no age limit to participate; however, the driver of the vehicle has to have a valid driver’s license and anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their legal guardian.

Where is registration and the starting point, when I get to Bell Buckle?

            When you arrive in Bell Buckle, you will turn in the alley behind the shops to drive onto the Captain Rodney’s Stage Lot.  There will be balloons at the entrance to the alley and at the registration tent on the lot.  Make sure you enter the alley by the coffee shop and NOT by the nutrition shop.

We will stage vehicles on the lot so everyone can leave at 10:00.                   

How much is it and do we need to pre-register?

            Yes, please. 

Pre-registration is $25 per car. You can have as many on your team as the car will legally seat.

We will be doing on-site registration the day of the event for $35 per car. 

Click here to register

How do we win and what do we win?

                We will award prizes to the top three teams that have accumulated the most points on their answer sheets.  Your answers to your questions have to be correct, and your answer sheets have to be turned back into us, on the lot behind the shops, BEFORE 3pm.  Answer sheets will not be accepted after 3pm. Once you have turned in your answer sheet, our team will check answers and prizes will be awarded by 4pm.

Prizes are:

1st place:  $100 cash + a Bell Buckle gift basket full of local goodies including dinner for two at the Bell Buckle Café

2nd place:  $50 cash + a Bell Buckle gift basket full of local goodies

3rd place:  a Bell Buckle gift basket full of local goodies

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