Bell Buckle Car Cache

What:              2nd Annual Bell Buckle Car Cache

When:              February 5, 2022, Saturday 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Where:             Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Who:               Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

Those gray winter days got you feeling blah?  Tired of being inside but don’t like the cold?  Also that “other thing” still worrying you though you’re smart enough to be all vaccinated?  Have we got the cure for you!!!!  The 2nd Annual Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce Car Cache will be held Saturday, February 5th so load up the car get on over to Bell Buckle!

The Bell Buckle Car Rally is like going on a scavenger hunt but in your car.  It is basically an outdoor treasure hunt game using GPS-enabled devices. Each participant will be given coordinates then a set of clues to be able to find the treasure.  It sounds so simple, and it is oh so much fun!

Everyone wanting to participate will need register beforehand. We have made that simple too!  Just follow this link: Bell Buckle Car Cache Registration to register. 

Once you’re registered, you will receive instructions on locations (caches) located within a one-hour radius of Bell Buckle. Each find will be allotted different points.  You can pick your own course of action:  go for the locations closest to Bell Buckle, go for the ones farther away with the higher point values or go to the places that interest you the most.  At each location, you will find the answer to the corresponding question on your point sheet to prove that you were there. Only thing is that before the clock strikes 3pm, your point sheet must be back in Bell Buckle and turned in for your points to be tallied.  By 4 o’clock all points will be totaled, and prizes will be awarded!

A scavenger hunt in your car is a great way to have fun with friends and family. A little fun competition with an emphasis on FUN!  And oh yeah, a little educational angle too with some caches having historical value. Be forewarned: once you start, it’s hard not to get hooked on this kind of fun! And it’s safe!  You truly do not have to get out of your car if you so choose.

First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to those with the most points. All information will be distributed at registration between 9am-10am in downtown Bell Buckle.  Location will be determined closer to event time.  Registration information will be on the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce website beginning January 10, 2022. 

A Bell Buckle Car Rally checks all the boxes:  fun, safe, mind challenging, and a day amongst friends! So kick those winter doldrums in Bell Buckle; you’ll be glad you did.

Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee- close to home but a world away.

Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce


Scheduling and Information

Registration:                        9:00am – 10:00am

Pre-registration on website $25 per team

                                                Day of registration on site $35 per team (cash only)

Packet Distribution            9:45am – 10:00am

Cars Out:                               10:00am

Cars In:                                  3:00pm

Winners Announced:         4:00pm

1st Place:       A Bell Buckle basket full of local goodies, a gift certificate for two at the Bell Buckle Café, PLUS $100 cash!

2nd Place:      A Bell Buckle basket full of local goodies plus $50 cash

3rd Place:      A small Bell Buckle basket

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