Local History of the Bell Buckle Quilt Square by CatieBeth Thomas

An integral and often admired site in historical Bell Buckle, Tennessee, the painted Quilt Square, has been repainted and looks more bright and beautiful than ever. The Quilt square was originally painted for the National Quilt Show Convention that was hosted by Mrs. Mildred Locke, designer and owner of Quilters Haven, in 1984. That same year Bell Buckle hosted its first ever Quilt Walk showcasing unique handmade and historical quits in post-Civil War homes and churchs. The original design and painting of the Quilt Square was done by Lisa White, who took inspiration from the traditional quilt pattern,The Ohio Star. It remains a beautiful part of the Bell Buckle square and is painstakingly repainted year after year to honor it’s history. We enjoy admiring it and are thankful for the painters for replicating the original design so well.