RC Cola MoonPie Queens & Kings


What:              26th Annual RC-MoonPie Festival and 10M & 5K Run
When:             Saturday, June 19, 2021
Where:           Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Who:               Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

The Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival has so many fun things going on during the day that it is hard to pick just one favorite.  However, everyone can agree that the anointing of the Festival’s King and Queen is always a highlight! And the 2021 Royal line up is going to light up smiles everywhere!

The Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Officers Tylor Luellen, Michael Sipos, James Wells, Amanda Topping, Brenna Hosey, and Timothy Miller, the first responding officers of the Nashville Christmas Day bombing of 2020 will serve as the 2021 Kings and Queen of the RC-MoonPie Festival.  These heroic individuals will be escorted through town in the Bell Buckle 1950 vintage Fire Truck during the RC-MoonPie Parade to the coronation site on the Captain Rodney stage to be anointed by 2019 King T. Graham Brown and Queen Sheila Brown.  Past Royalty of the RC-MoonPie Festival includes the likes of the late Waylon Jennings, Brenda Lee, Governor Bill Haslam and First Lady Crissy Haslam, Gospel Music Hall of Fame artist Russ Taff just to name a few.

According to the press release provided by Sergeant B. Kris DeLap of the Central Precinct,   “On Christmas morning, Officers Luellen, Hosey, Wells, Topping and Sipos were just over an hour away from the end of their overnight shift when Luellen responded to a call of gunfire on 2nd Avenue North. It was strange to receive such a call at that location, much less on Christmas morning. They encountered a motorhome parked on the side of the street adjacent to a large building that houses an AT&T data center. Announcements, seemingly computer generated, began emanating from a speaker system on the RV. The information/instructions were ominous. There is a bomb in the RV. “Evacuate Now!” The officers quickly went door to door to evacuate residents as well as seal off surrounding streets. Ultimately, the speaker inside the RV shifted to a countdown. A powerful bomb detonated at 6:30 a.m. on Christmas morning, leaving massive devastation on 2nd Avenue North. Some of the officers were knocked to the ground by the blast.  Miraculously, due to the quick and calm thinking of these officers to get families to safety, no one perished in the explosion other than the bomb maker.”

Officers Tylor Luellen, Michael Sipos, James Wells, Amanda Topping, Brenna Hosey and Timothy Miller, first responding officers of the Christmas Day bombing of 2020. In the early hours of Christmas morning a recreational vehicle was deliberately detonated in downtown Nashville. These brave officers risked their lives to warn bystanders and evacuate the area moments before the explosion, saving countless lives.”

On Saturday, June 19th, Bell Buckle will celebrate these officers Bell Buckle style! These six officers immediately and without hesitation responded in a manner that put others’ safety and protection first and foremost.  So come join us by saying thank you as we can never say that enough! 

2021 RCMP Schedule

7:00am                       Annual Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile Run & 5K Run

8:30-9:00am              Bell Buckle Chamber 5K run Awards

9:00am                      Craft Fair/ Food Court (Open All Day)

9:00-10:00am            Midstate Cloggers

10:00-10:30am          Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile Run Awards

10:30-11:15am          Midstate Cloggers

11:15am                     Bee City USA Proclamation

11:15am                     RC Cola and MoonPie PARADE

12:00pm                     RC Cola and MoonPie KING & QUEEN Coronation

12:45-1:30pm            Musical Entertainment

1:30-2:00pm             RC Cola & MoonPie Games

Prizes for:  farthest travelled, youngest attendee present & oldest attendee present

2:00-2:45pm              Musical Entertainment & Photo/Autograph Opportunities

2:45-4:00pm              RC Cola & MoonPie Games

4:00  PM                     WORLD’S LARGEST MOONPIE

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