What: 25th Annual RC-MoonPie Festival ™
When: June 15, 2019 Saturday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm
Where: Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Who: Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

Okay, are you ready for this? This is going to knock your socks off - can you believe that historic little Bell Buckle, Tennessee has been celebrating the famous dynamic duo that is RC Cola and MoonPie for a QUARTER CENTURY?!!! Celebrating in a big way too I might add; but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Twenty-five years is a BIG DEAL! So the 2019 Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival will be the biggest deal yet, and Bell Buckle wants everyone to be a big deal with us as the celebration will be the best yet. There will be a reunion of friends that have made the last 25 years so remarkable. Every King and every Queen from years past is invited to return to their “kingdom” to bestow their best wishes on the momentous occasion. Some of the most popular moments from the last 25 years will also be called for an encore performance.

Bell Buckle is a quiet little town with friendly people and quaint shops, but boy oh boy does it go into high gear on the third Saturday in June with its quirky, wacky, crazy, and all other synonyms for its award winning RC-MoonPie Festival! Known as the first “fast food” meal, these two Southern traditions, RC and a MoonPie, are brought together for a grand celebration Bell Buckle style, and the original fast food would now be the most popular item on the value menu in today’s world!

Expect this year’s festival to be a celebration of all the things that make you smile. Music, food, entertainment, games, a parade, but most of all that feeling that you get when everything around you is happy, positive, embracing, and uplifting.

As the Bell Buckle sunrise streaks the sky, the festivities begin with the top notch certified 10 Mile and 5K runs. What a great way to start the day running through the gentle rolling countryside course just to get to that finish line filled with tubs of ice cold RC Colas! All runners will receive a commemorative t-shirt, awards for division winners plus finisher medals for every finisher, and an award winning breakfast complete with, of course, RC’s and MoonPie’s. Honestly, after all that running, it’s the least we can do!

After the race, then things really get fun! Bell Buckle’s very own Davis and Dayle return to the stage, literally, providing entertainment that is not quite your run of the mill style of entertainment. Try not to wander too far from the stage when they’re on the mic as you’ll be sure to miss out on a moment that has everybody around you pealing in side splitting laughter. They are just that original, that good, and that kind of a crowd pleaser! The RC-MoonPie Parade is something out of a Norman Rockwell painting – the Color Guard, the 1950 Bell Buckle Fire Engine, the high school band, and so much more.

This year’s King and Queen will be T. Graham Brown and his amazing wife, Sheila Brown! They will be presiding over the gala gathering of the gregarious gaggle of greats. His “T-ness” as he is many times lovingly referred is a legend in many fields – recording artist, songwriter, performer, and producer – to name a few and has been nominated for numerous awards in the country, blues, and gospel fields.

The re-coronation of all that royalty should be a grand sight to behold. Bell Buckle has been flush with royalty - governors, country music stars, authors, songwriters, athletes, dignitaries, world champions, and more, and they are all Bell Buckle treasures to revere again. Additionally there are over 75 booths offering an array of art and crafts to meander through during the day.

Then there are the games! Our version of Bell Buckle Has Talent! Let the games begin! You know what I’m talking about – hulahooping while eating a MoonPie and downing an RC, balancing an RC can on your head while walking across the stage, tossing a MoonPie all the way to the city limits – it’s fun, it’s free, and it’s just plain goodness personified.

And the bestest part of the day is how it ends – the serving of the World’s Largest MoonPie. Baked fresh at the Chattanooga Bakery and personally delivered in all its finest gooey delight. Expect one you may have never seen before and may never see again just because it’s been 25 wonderful, crazy, quirky, wacky years!

It is easy to see why this perennial favorite has earned the nod from the Southeastern Tourism Society Top 20 events multiple times as well as being a highlighted feature in Southern Living magazine, Food Network magazine, USA Today, plus so many more national publications. This is a family friendly and fun day that offers something to smile, laugh, and tell stories about for years to come.

If you are that person that keeps saying “one of these days I’m going to go to Bell Buckle for the RC-MoonPie Festival”, then get that bucket list box checked off in 2019. It would just be plain wrong not to be where you can enjoy old fashioned fun in an old fashioned place that is akin to stepping back in time where people are friendly, smiles are easy, and fun is free.

A day of fun for young and old alike to celebrate THREE southern traditions: RC Colas, Moon Pies and Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee- close to home but a world away.

Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce
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2019 RCMP Schedule

7:00 AM Annual Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile Run
7:30 AM Annual Bell Buckle Chamber 5K Run
8:30 AM Bell Buckle Chamber 5K run Awards
9:00 AM Craft Fair/ Food Court (Open All Day)
9:15 AM Midstate Cloggers
10:00 AM Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile Run Awards
11:00 AM Midstate Cloggers
11:30 AM RC Cola and MoonPie PARADE
12:00 PM RC Cola and MoonPie KING & QUEEN Coronation & Reunion

Davis & Dayle Coronation Show Presents:
All The Kings Horses and All The Queen’s Men

12:45 PM Prizes for: farthest travelled, youngest attendee present & oldest attendee present
1:00 PM RC Cola & MoonPie Games
3:00 PM Stage Entertainment & Photo Opportunities with RC and MoonPie Cast & Characters