43rd Annual Bell Buckle Webb Art and Craft Festival

Where: Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee
When: Saturday, October 19, 2019 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday, October 20, 2019 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Who: Sponsored by the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

The tree lined streets of the historic little town of Bell Buckle becomes the vibrant heartbeat of Tennessee during the third weekend in October every year with over 800 art and craft and food booths filling the town to the brim. This crowd pleasing perennial favorite will be held October 19th and 20th and is on track to be the best ever with a slew of new and returning craftsmen to reward loyal customers and start new experiences.

The red and gold maple tree leaves that adorn Bell Buckle in autumn make the perfect day even more perfect. The juried Webb Art & Craft Show located on the old Sawney Webb lot on Maple street will be showcasing over 100 talented artists along with exhibitions and a food court with choices that will leave you having to do rock, paper, scissors to figure out what to choose! While you browse the variety of booths, you will be entertained by live music and a hay bale seating area when you just have to sit down and rest for a minute! No one could ever have imagined 42 years ago that this show would end up where it has today with over 100,000 people visiting during the weekend due to the talent of the exhibitors, variety of wares, ambiance of the town, and much, much more.

It will be difficult to see everything there is in Bell Buckle in just two days so be sure to put on those comfortable walking shoes! The Webb Show features handmade arts and crafts such as pottery, metal works, wood working, textiles, jewelry, old fashioned soaps and lotions just to name a few. Though the Webb Art & Craft Show is the original show and the backbone of the weekend’s festivities, there are over 700 more vendors set up all over the tiny town for the entire weekend. Other booths throughout town offer a variety of fun and tempting goods. Whether you are getting a head start on that Christmas list or just wanting to treat yourself, you won’t walk away disappointed. There’s just too much to ooh and ah about wherever you go!

The best place to park to get to the Webb Show is the ball fields at Webb School. Though there are plenty of parking lots on all sides of town, the Webb lot is the closest to the juried show. There will be a Boy Scout troop on site to direct parking. This Show has grown to such proportions in recent years that the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce is putting up a map on their Facebook page to show visitors the best places to park as well as locations for handicap parking, porta toilets, first aid stations, and so forth. Please be sure to reference the Bell Buckle Chamber Facebook page or to help you plan your day as well as to help navigate through some of the traffic that also comes with the weekend. The city streets will be closed to traffic but open for fun all weekend!

The perfect show, the perfect place, the perfect town for it all! Shoppers can’t get enough of the Bell Buckle Webb Art & Craft Show and all there is to experience. Bell Buckle offers a safe, clean, family friendly environment. The Show works so well because of the high standards of artisans, the friendliness of the people, and because it’s Bell Buckle. And because of all this, you will love your visit to Bell Buckle for the Webb Art & Craft Show.

Bell Buckle, Tennessee – Close to home, but a world away!

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