Bell Buckle RC Cola-MoonPie 10 Mile and 5K Run

Saturday, June 21, 2025

7am - 9:30am

The Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce RC–MoonPie 10 Mile Run is a certified course which started up in 1995. It has been a wildly popular race for runners of all ages ever since due to its scenic, yet challenging course. The race is held the third Saturday in June annually in conjunction with the Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival. Few 10 mile runs still exist as they have been replaced with the shorter 10K’s, thereby making this race more unique for its length as well as its endurance test.

The 5K Race was added in 2018 and became an instant hit. The 5K is a flat course touring historic Bell Buckle neighborhoods and tree lined streets past the award winning Bell Buckle Park on Peacock Street.

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