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Webb School Art & Craft Show

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As noted in the FAQ’s, applications are reviewed starting July 15th. We will send out approvals after July 15th. However, you may receive early notice. If the application is received after July 15th, we will respond accordingly. Please be patient as we have quite a few applications to review, and we review carefully without rushing in order to keep the integrity and quality of the show at the high level that is expected of us. You may not hear back before August 1st due to the volume of applications. Please be patient and you can rest assured that you will hear from us as soon as we have completed the review process. Thank you!
Acceptable Work
The Webb Art & Craft show accepts high quality, hand crafted work in the traditional fine craft media of clay, wood, baskets, metal, botanicals, iron works, jewelry, paintings, glass and fiber. Fine art objects including sculpture and two-dimensional paintings and photography are also accepted. The majority of the work must be produced entirely by the hands of the exhibiting artist.
Artists and photographers who sell reproductions created by mechanical processes must obtain written permission from the Webb Art and Craft Show Committee. Artists receiving permission must display the reproductions in browsing bins clearly marked “Reproductions” and must limit such items to no more than 40% of their display inventory. Reproductions must be numbered, limited editions and signed by the artist.
Food items and other consumable products are not considered art objects and therefore may not be sold.
Articles of clothing, including accessories, must be entirely designed and created by the artists.
Submit 3 photos of your work.
1. All work exhibited and sold at The Webb School Art & Craft Show must be original and must be designed and constructed by the exhibiting artist. Absolutely no sale or resale of commercial or manufactured items will be permitted. An exhibitor whose work is challenged as to authenticity will be required to prove it was made in his/her own studio before being allowed to apply for future shows.
2. Jurying is made on the basis of three recent photos and description of the work on the application representative of the artist’s or craftsperson’s work.
3. Booth fees will be returned to non-accepted applicants.
4. Applications and photos/slides will be judged on quality, creativity, and originality.
5. Fees for approved apps are non-refundable.
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Additional Booth Options
WSAC Exhibitor Contract
I agree that the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce and The Webb School will not be held liable for the loss, theft, or damage to any goods, personal property, or for injury to persons or property within the area of the booth leased by me. I expressly agree to be responsible to keep the area within the booth free of debris, obstructions, or other hazards which might result in injury to the public. I understand that this application creates a contract between the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce and me, and that a breach of that contract will result in the loss of fee and future exhibiting privileges.